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Hello, My name is Patrick M. Duncan, Member and Owner of Patrick M. Duncan, LLC, and I want to personally Thank You for viewing our website.


We offer what we call "Safe Contract". Safe Contract was designed for homeowners that are looking to get a New Roof on their Home for a Reasonable Price without the stressfull scenario of handing the roofing contractor a Large Down Payment for materials and worrying about wheather or not the roofing contractor would actually show up to do the job.


With our "Safe Contract" once you accept our proposal we will contact the roofing material supplier and place the order for all the materials that are needed to complete the work as agreed to in the proposal.


Once the order is placed with the material supplier we will give you the amount that needs to be paid to the material supplier, the material supplier's telephone number, and the information needed to complete the purchase.


After you have paid for the materials we will schedule a rooftop delivery based on the scheduling of the installation of your New Roof.


When we have finished with the installation of your New Roof the balance owed is payable to Patrick M. Duncan,  by Cash or Check (Please view our Check acceptance policy below.


Our current roofing material supplier is Cardinal Building Materials and they accept Cash, Checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover and you can visit their website at



Thank You,



Patrick M. Duncan, Member/Owner

Patrick M. Duncan, LLC





* Check Acceptance Policy


Any and all payments returned by Check  will incur a $30.00 fee. Collection of all Returned Checks will be subject to collection laws of the State of Missouri and reasonable Attorney and collection fees.







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Sometimes Life is just that..LIFE!

It doesnt matter what neighborhood you live in or any other of societies labels on people NO ONE should have to live with water leaking into their house because they are currently unable to pay for a roof repair.


If I was able fianacially I would help all of those in need to fix their leaking roof at NO CHARGE but we are a very small company with a decent reputation in the Roofing Business in St. Louis and I do want to do what I am able to do to Help those in the St. Louis Area.


All you have to do to Help people in need to get their Roof Repaired at No Cost is simply hit our facebook Like button below and I will personally Donate $1 in repairs to people who are in need of Roof Repairs in the St. Louis Metro Area (uo to $1,000.00 per month) as this allows us to get this word out about and Help individuals who are, at this time, in need of stopping their roof from leaking until that time they are fianacially able to replace the damage to their roof.


And If you are in need of a roof repair and are limited on funds or just simply do not have the funds please email me or simply call or text me at my email address and personal cell phone number listed above.




Patrick M. Duncan, Owner

Patrick M. Duncan, LLC