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  Our Company Pricing and Policies

Hello, My name is Patrick M. Duncan, Member and Owner of Patrick M. Duncan, LLC, and I want to personally Thank You for viewing our website.


I am in the Roofing and Home Improvement Business with the purpose of helping my customers improve their lives through their Homes. Its NO SECRET that the Roofing Business and Home Improvement can be scary in dealing with contractors you do not know and I really try to make this process simplier for people when it comes time to replace their roof or undergo a major improvement on their Homes. I personally try my Best to please every customer that I come into contact with to make this process as painful and stress free as possible so if there is any information you may be needing that is not on this website please call or text me anytime.


Thank You,

Patrick M. Duncan, Member/Owner

Patrick M. Duncan, LLC


For all customers needing Home Improvment Services Please Vist our website for our Services in your Interior Projects.


All (1) Story Homes Roof Repairs Start at $250.00 (Minimum) plus any Materials.

All (2) Story Homes Roof Repairs Start at $350.00 (Minimum) plus any Materials.

All (3) Story Homes Roof Repairs Start at $450.00 (Minimum) plus any Materials.

Any Other Repairs Please Call or Text for Pricing.


Roof Replacement Costs for (1) Layer Tear Off with Nominal Pitch of 6/12 and under are $250.00 per Square for Limited Lifetime Architecural Shingles.


New Roof Replacement includes all Plumbing Vent Flasings (Neoprene) and Static Vents.


Each additional Layer needing to be Torn Off is $45.00 Per Square.


Each Additional Pitch Over 6/12 is $45.00 Per Square.


Ridge Vents are Installed and All New Roof Replacements at Cost should the Customer Choose to Do So and would be accomodating to the roof.


For Any Pricing or Question Not Addressed Please Call or Text Patrick.


* Check Acceptance Policy

All Checks are to be Made Payable to Patrick M. Duncan. Any and all Checks returned For ANY Reason will incur a $30.00 fee. Collection of all Returned Checks will be subject to collection laws of the State of Missouri and reasonable Attorney and collection fees.



** Rain and Bad Weather Policy

Any days that there is a 20% chance or more of rain, snow, sleet or any other percipitation in the forecast for the days in which a customers roof will need to be torn off will delay the start or finishing of the customers roof until the next available day or days of clear weather to start or finish any roof.









Get a Free Estimate Today! Call or Text Patrick @ 314-546-2649.                                                            In the Kansas City Metro Area Call or Text Patrick @ 816-726-8936

Patrick M. Duncan, LLC
3002 S. Jefferson Avenue

Suite #2002
Saint Louis, MO 63118


Patrick M Duncan, LLC

107 W. 9th Street

2nd Floor

Kansas City, MO 64105


(Saint Louis) 314 546-2649

(Kansas City) 816-726-8936



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Sometimes Life is just that..LIFE!

It doesnt matter what neighborhood you live in or any other of societies labels on people NO ONE should have to live with water leaking into their house because they are currently unable to pay for a roof repair.


If I was able fianacially I would help all of those in need to fix their leaking roof at NO CHARGE but we are a very small company with a decent reputation in the Roofing Business in St. Louis and I do want to do what I am able to do to Help those in the St. Louis Area.


All you have to do to Help people in need to get their Roof Repaired at No Cost is simply hit our facebook Like button below and I will personally Donate $1 in repairs to people who are in need of Roof Repairs in the St. Louis Metro Area (uo to $1,000.00 per month) as this allows us to get this word out about and Help individuals who are, at this time, in need of stopping their roof from leaking until that time they are fianacially able to replace the damage to their roof.


And If you are in need of a roof repair and are limited on funds or just simply do not have the funds please email me or simply call or text me at my email address and personal cell phone number listed above.




Patrick M. Duncan, Owner

Patrick M. Duncan, LLC